Overview of CAN
Together, We CAN Stop the Hurt


who we are

Child abuse damages our community’s most vulnerable citizens. In the context of violence, child abuse presents complex social and moral dilemmas concerning its cause, effect and remedy. Helping stop child abuse requires a comprehensive plan involving multiple, coordinated strategies.

The Child Abuse Network is Tulsa’s Children’s Advocacy Center. CAN serves as the coordinator for the multiple agencies that interact with children of reported child abuse. The result is a collaborative and non-duplicated interagency approach to investigate abuse and protect children in crisis.

Services and programs are centralized


Agencies co-located at the Children’s Advocacy Center include

  • Child Abuse Network
  • District Attorney’s Office – Tulsa County
  • OU-Tulsa School of Community Medicine – Department of Pediatrics
  • Tulsa County Department of Human Services – Child Welfare
  • Tulsa Police Department


CAN strives to be the international model of effective community response to reported child abuse. Learn more about CAN’s unique, centralized approach to child abuse investigation.